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Free Legal Music Download SitesFree Legal Music Download Sites - Free legal music download sites can be found here. We have tried to find you the best free music download sites, free mp3 music download sites and free music ringtone download sites.

Best free music download sites, links to some of the main sites where you can download music for free, from several genres and many kinds of artists, and they are all legal.

Best Free Music Download Sites

Use the links provided below and to the right to access that particular music download website. All sites listed here are legal and the best free music download sites, so you can download free legal music in these sites.

Cnet download

CNet Download - Free music tracks from several kinds of genres and artists for download. New & old artists, worldwide famous singers and bands. Check new releases, most populars, information, audience picks and more. It's more that 75.000 mp3's for legal free download.

Creativecommons (Click to enlarge)

Creative Commons - "We use private rights to create public goods: creative works set free for certain uses. Like the free software and open-source movements, our ends are cooperative and community-minded, but our means are voluntary and libertarian. We work to offer creators a best-of-both-worlds way to protect their works while encouraging certain uses of them to declare some rights reserved".

This is one of the best free music download sites because you are granted to download free works you can use for commercial purposes and/or works you can modify, adapt or build upon.


Epitonic - Your source for cutting-edge music. "Music is ubiquitous on the Web today. With so much sonic product competing for your attention, how do you know what's worth your time? Here at, we find the good stuff, so you don't have to".

Genres covered: indie rock, electronic, hip hop, folk, hardcore, world, experimental and more. One of the best free music download sites because you can not just download music, you also can see a complete profile of each artist, including album releases, songs, labels and many other things.

Best free music download sites (Click to enlarge)
Best free music download sites


Freeplay Music - Broadcast production music library, free Mp3 & AAC music downloads. Freeplay offers free network synchronization to all BMI/ASCAP & SESAC, national network content broadcasts in exchange for music cue sheet compliance. Other commercial uses of Freeplay, are usually subject to fees and must be negotiated in advance. The Freeplay Music Library, is a comprehensive collection of High End Broadcast production music spanning all the popular musical genres, available for download.


GarageBand - "For the people, by the people... ...where you can influence which artist will become tomorrow's hit". An artist community where ordinary listeners pick the hits. Search from a variety of genres of music tracks available for free download, from acoustic to hardcore and electronica. Check for top songs, review music, charts and others.


Listening Lounge - From Spiral Subwave Records International, or SSRI, an independent record label founded by Ottmar Liebert, which specializes in instrumental music. Check for music tracks available for free & legal download.

The music on this, one of the best free music download sites, is provided to you under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license. This is different from regular copyright in that you are allowed to sample, mash-up, or otherwise transform this work for commercial or non-commercial purposes, provided that you properly credit the original artist.

Midipedia (Click to enlarge)

Midipedia - One of the best free music download sites for MIDI files. The website of Midipedia offer the download of more than 1'600 legal midi files free of charge. All the midis files are classified in alphabetical order for a more easily search. In each folder of artist or style you will find the album and in the album all the track in midi format.


All About Jazz - One of the best free music download sites for free Jazz downloads. It's the download section of, a site entirely dedicated to Jazz music, one of the best music genres. Sing up and start download free & legal Jazz tracks.

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