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Free legal music download sites can be found here. We have tried to find you the best free music download sites, free mp3 music download sites and free music ringtone download sites.

Free Download Music Sites

We only cover free legal music download sites. If you know 100% that we've accidentally linked to an illegal site, please contact us straight away, we'll look into the matter and then remove the link if you are right.

Obviously we will do our best to research a site before putting it on our website, but in-case one slips past us, please get in touch.

Just so you know, we personally do not offer any kind of music for download on this site. We help you to find several sites from all over the internet that they do offer music in mp3, midi or any other format for download, and they are all free legal music download sites.

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Free music download

In 2003, the RIAA, or Recording Industry Association of America, launched lawsuits against 261 peer-to-peer file sharing users for illegally downloading copyrighted music. Before these lawsuits, the legality of file sharing was widely debated, and all the while P2P file sharing was wildly popular... ...No matter what fears may have been stirred up surrounding music downloading after the RIAA lawsuits, the first thing you should know is that it is 100% legal to download music from the Internet. [Archived]

You just must to be sure the sites you are visiting are free legal music download sites, either if they offer non-copyrighted works or if they pay the appropiate royalty fees to the authors. On Best free music download sites we've gathered those sites we think offer really good resources for download free and legal music, you could be able to check additional information about each track (author, album, release date), check other works from the author, browse from a wide range or genres an artists, among other things.

Best Free Music Download SitesBest Music Download Sites - Best free music download sites, links to some of the main sites where you can download music for free, from several genres and many kinds of artists, and they are all legal.

Free Mp3 Music Download SitesMP3 Download Sites - We've gathered here free mp3 music download sites, links to a sorter of sites where you can download mp3 music for free, from starting out singers to worldwide famous artists, legal free mp3 music download sites.

Free Music Ringtone Download SitesMusic Ringtone Sites - We have compiled a series of free music ringtone download sites here. They are sites that offer a collection of music you could download onto your mobile and use it as ringtone for free and legal.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

About - "Make Sure Your Downloads Are Legal". An article about the legallity of downloading music from internet.

Creative Commons - Additional information about the Creative Commons Music Share License used by several free legal music download sites.

Ezine Articles - "A Guide to Finding Legal Free Ringtones". An article by Craig Thornburrow about free and legal ringtone download sites.

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Free Legal Music Download Sites

Some free mp3 music download sites use a music sharing license called "Creative Commons Music Sharing License" or CC that lets artists spread their music on web and filesharing networks for fans to legally download and share. At the same time, CC protects the music from commercial use or remixing of any kind without the artist's permission.

Free Music for iPhones

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Free Legal Music Download Sites - iPhone

CNet Download - This section of offers free selected music for your iPhone. This is one of many free legal music download sites we've covered.

Many sites that offer free ringtones do so not because they love the public and want to make sure their ringtone needs are met, but rather as a lure to draw them in for nefarious purposes. This issue was highlighted most directly in 2005 when a judge ordered the shutdown of several web sites that were luring web surfers with promises of free ringtones, and then installing malicious software on their machines. Some sites that offer free ringtones may not go this far, but they may feature annoying pop up ads and other offensive content.
Craig Thornburrow - Ezine Articles

Click here to check some free legal music download sites that offer free ringtones downloads.

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